Accessories Report

Every girl has that one item in her closet that she bought on a whim but is almost too scared to wear. For me, it was a bright pink blazer from Zara I got the summer before college. When I first saw it I thought to myself, “That color is a little crazy.” At second glance, I fell in love with it. After I bought it, I hung it up in my tiny dorm closet with pride, waiting for the perfect moment to throw it on.

For weeks, my eyes hovered over it when getting dressed, but for some reason it never made its way out the door. It got pushed aside every time, simply because I was too nervous to rock such a bold piece beyond the parameters of my full-length mirror. With hesitation, I finally faced my irrational fear of the pink blazer—and loved it! I realized that making a unique statement and embracing the fact that I stood out from the crowd felt good.

This Fashionista knows exactly how to do what took me months to master, so take notes. Confident and fearless, she uses bold accessories to add flair and elevate her personal style. Her oversized fur scarf is exactly the kind of scarf that might send some girls running, but she pulls off the dramatic texture and volume without a problem. She also tones this standout piece down by wearing it over an anorak (with leopard lining—love!) and a black Kate Spade bag. The olive green color of her coat and her burgundy sweater come together to create a rich, grungy vibe.

Of course, no bold Fashionista’s look is complete without one-of-a-kind finishing touches. In order to make it through the snow, she opted for a pair of stylish snow boots. These boots are a different take on cold weather footwear, while her classic aviators pull the ensemble together with a hint of irony. Nothing says Fashionista like a pair of sunglasses in February, right?

Although somewhat cheesy, I truly believe the most important accessory any girl can own is a healthy dosage of confidence. Next time you’re hesitant to wear something, just remind yourself that as long as you love what you’re wearing, everyone else will too. Own it!

Spotted: This Fashionista isn’t the only one going bold lately. Andrew Gn’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection features several dramatic fur collars in all shades.


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