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Fashion became exclusively for women around the 18th century where clothing for men turned into a monothematic and practical issue instead of something to make them look better. Over the past few years, we have seen that designers are trying to break that stereotype and turn male fashion into something fun and spontaneous. In the big cities, this new culture of fashion for men has been accepted, but in traditional cultures, like mine, it is harder to see men taking risks with their clothes.

Since I am in Savannah, I’ve become fascinated by the acceptance of men’s fashion. It must be SCAD’s influence in the city since people that go to art schools are usually more open-minded about aesthetics. Everyday it’s a new experience; you can find anything from traditional elegant looks to colorful unstructured outfits. Everything is permitted.

There was specially one guy last quarter who got my attention with his style. I started following his looks week after week. Each time I saw him, there was something new that I loved. This week, for example, what caught my eye was his man purse. This is one of the items I love to see men wearing again.

This Fashionisto’s “murse” was a tasteful addition to his look. It was the perfect size and color. It was a flawless complement to his ASOS shoes and black raincoat. From all that black, the bag added a pop of color. He wore circle-patterned pants with an eyelash print shirt — a worthy blend of playful prints in mute colors. It was a harmonic mixture that made the outfit stand out without being too scandalous.

Once again, I loved everything about this guy’s look, but my favorite part was his man bag. It was inspirational. “Murses” are becoming a popular item with the stars. Jude Law, Kanye West, Cristiano Ronaldo and other celebrities from all around the world are embracing this trend. Don’t be left behind.

Spotted: There are all kinds of man purses, find the one that suits your personality. Burberry Prorsum fall 2014 collection has big totes for men. See if this is a better alternative for you.


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