ACCESSORIES REPORT: Give Me the Green Light

Accessories Report

Some of the best things in life are green. Random? Not really, because just think of the multitude of green things that affect your daily life. From the quacamole on your burrito to the grass coming out from beneath the snow and now to your on-trend accessories, having a green thumb finally has its fashion perks. Let’s face it, green is the essential color of spring! We’re almost out of the never-ending long parka and clunky snow boots era and into the warm days spent on the quad. The sun is teasing us behind the clouds and if you go to the snowiest college in the country, you’re more than prepared to run around in shorts. But not just yet, as we’re about to begin the difficult time of transitional wardrobes.

Not quite winter while not entirely spring, transitional clothes need to walk the fine line between cozy, breezy and adaptable. The easiest way to accomplish this weather disaster without breaking the bank on different pieces is to hunt for versatile fabrics, washes and patterns that can be worn year round. Following along in the green spirit, our Fashionista went for an emerald boyfriend cardigan like this one from Urban Outfitters, paired with medium wash skinny jeans from American Apparel. Her black leather Dr. Martens and simple cami keep the look focused on the overall cool-girl vibe while also providing comfort in the unpredictable forecast. What’s really special about her outfit is in the accessories, where investment pieces pay off big time.

A good backpack is like a best friend – it understands just how much you go through everyday and is there to support you at all times. Although a lot of Fashionistas prefer and swear by the tote bag (guilty!), I couldn’t help but make a case for backpacks after I ran into this communications design major. Her green canvas knapsack packs the perfect punch to any dull winter day and embraces the vivacity of spring year round. For a similar look, I recommend this Converse version in peppermint from BANK Fashion. On the other hand, investing in a high quality bag that can be used later after graduation isn’t such a bad idea. A 3.1 Phillip Lim bag from Shopbop might crunch your budget initially, but it’s completely worth it for the years it will last!

It’s not too late to incorporate green into your wardrobe like this Fashionista. Spring has just barely broken through the snow clouds and staple accessories like these will make you feel warm year round.

Spotted: Take a cue from “It Girl” Cara Delevingne herself and know that backpacks are the way to go. Karl Lagerfeld included loads of street art-inspired backpacks for the Chanel ready-to-wear line for spring 2014. Punk rock? Yeah, you can dig it now, too.


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