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Ah, the time of May when skies are blue, the sun is out and students toss Frisbees on the green. This is the time of the year when everyone pulls out the spring or summer styles in an effort to wear it all by the end of the semester. It’s been strange weather at Middlebury this spring, what with a random snowstorm in March, pouring rain in May, etc. Nevertheless, there are those students who refuse to let the weather cramp their style. I encountered this Fashionista at breakfast and couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by to capture her entire outfit, especially her shoes.

What’s great about pointed flats is that they instantly add an air of classiness and sophistication to whatever you’re already wearing. They also come in a variety of colors, cutouts and patterns; you can get a pair with an ankle strap, or not—it’s all up to you. This Fashionista chose a great color for her flats. Nude colored accessories, especially shoes, are great additions to your look. With nude flats, this Fashionista was able to show off her colorful spring dress without detracting from the outfit as a whole. The metallic bar on her flats also adds some subtle sparkle (and you know I’m all about that subtle sparkle). As we enter summer internship season, invest in some nude colored shoes, whether they’re flats or heels. Trust me, they’ll add a lot of sophistication and maturity to your look, which can only help you in the workplace.

Spotted: Pointed flats made an appearance on the Joie spring 2014 ready-to-wear runway.


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