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It may have took hitting the snooze button six times to crawl out of bed, but it feels great to be back on campus! A new semester means new friends, classes and of course, new fashion trends! After last semester’s No Shave November and dreadful final exams, I saw many guys maintaining their facial hair. Beards can go horribly wrong if they aren’t well-groomed, but this Fashionisto knew how to keep it together. Unbelievably, beards have many benefits. They’re great at hiding unwanted blemishes, providing warmth and  for saving leftovers. However, for whatever reasons this Fashionisto has for his beard, I’m not complaining.

Nashville’s weather is all over the place with colder temperatures in the morning and sunnier days in the afternoon. This Fashionisto knows that layers are necessary for tackling such crazy weather conditions. His gray thermal is coupled with an open plaid button-up nestled under a vintage leather jacket (both of which were found at thrift stores). Each layer is an essential for any winter wardrobe and can be easily found at second hand stores around town. All of my favorite pieces were found by sifting through unorganized racks in sketchy thrift stores. Not only does it make shopping more of an adventure, but it makes discovering hidden treasures even sweeter. This Fashionisto definitely knows how to hunt. His Levi’s 510 jeans show off his stature and bring your eye’s attention to his purple ting tip oxfords. Wing tips paired with jeans bring more class to a casual outfit. My favorite aspect of this Fashionisto are his modified aviator style full-rim frames, which expose his inner nerd while still keeping it cool. He completed his ensemble with a simple black beanie.

With exams and winter break in the past, trips back home loom in our memories. Far away from long car trips and awkward family dinners that welcomed us home. Many thrift shops are well picked through in the city, but back home they are often uncharted territory. This Fashionisto was able to take some time to sift through the racks while he was home from break and find some unique items. Thrift shops are a wonderful place to start, but if you’re lucky you can always try your parents’ attic. You’ll be surprised at what you may find! Even though clothes may be worn or the wrong size, accessories seem to last through the decades.

Spotted: Alexander Wang saturates his collection with functional beanies and warm layers.


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