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Frill trims are amazing. Some may associate frill with toddler’s frocks and movies like Grease, but it is exactly this retro association that has rejuvenated its appeal! There is no denying that this Fashionista had great socks. I didn’t think I would write an article about socks while writing the ACCESSORIES REPORT, but I’ve really come to notice that socks are becoming all the rage. For instance, my dad may go to work looking suave in a black suit, but he always wears bright, patterned socks with his Italian dress shoes – adds a little edge.

Socks can be so jazzy and have so much personality! I loved how crisply these white socks complemented this Fashionista’s all-American Converse All Star shoes. She took something so wonderfully girly, and gave it an athletic edge. This style sock is in stores everywhere currently, and they are changing from being that ’50s wardrobe staple (where you picture girls in poodle character skirts and pearls), to a fashion accessory that can spruce up a sporty and edgy ’90s ensemble.

This Fashionista also took that ultra-cute aspect of her outfit, and paired it with an awesome Hawaiian shirt in a beautifully fresh blue and white color scheme. In the heat wave that LA is experiencing, this Fashionista looks like she just stepped off the plane from a vacation in the Florida Keys or Miami, and the modern take on quite a retro look is something I absolutely loved. She had a collection of necklaces and rings that had been passed down to her and that she had found while searching through flea markets that was enviable to say the least. I couldn’t get enough of her gold digital watch that simply augmented the feeling of decades gone past.

I love getting a whiff of inspiration from fashion trends gone by, whether that inspiration comes from the ’30s or the ’80s; fashion is and should be recyclable. There are always new ways at looking at trends, and a true Fashionista can create something modern and brilliant from something that has been done before – just like this Fashionista has!

Spotted: There isn’t a single designer out there that hasn’t taken inspiration from the past. Check out the Balmain spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection, featuring bold ’60s inspired pied-de-poule, black and white bomber jackets!


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