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For most of us currently in college, we have the right to say we were ’90s kids, technically. In reality we were for the most part all under the age of nine. Perpetually challenging our parents on brushing our hair, begging to watch another episode of All That and living in continual fear that our Furby’s would never sleep. With all of those necessary activities, there was little time for us to absorb all that ’90s fashion had to offer before the 2000s hit. Instead, we just agreed with whatever Osh Kosh B’gosh ensemble our parents put us in and went on our merry way.

This is really not a bad thing. Now that we are older and wiser, we are able to look back and appreciate an idealized ’90s style while doing some editing—mainly removing parachute pants and mullets. Not cute.

Nevertheless, the ’90s are a decade that is in the recent past, but when evocative articles of clothing appear, they are still equated as somewhat “retro.”

This Fashionisto took a retro route with his printed snapback that is definitely reminiscent of something an early ’90s Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would wear. While his printed cuffed shorts are more something Smith’s friend on Fresh Prince, Jazz would wear. Am I only making this connection because I miss Nick at Night? Maybe.

Although attention is mainly placed on his flashy hat, it’s not to be overlooked that this Fashionisto is expertly mixing two very different prints in one ensemble. A task that is not easily achieved, but is a definite trend this spring. He is able to do such flawless print-mixing by keeping his other outfit components of the same color family, which he has chosen blue; a color which also happens to tie together the hat and shorts in one foul swoop.

Spotted: In keeping with the whimsy of the printed shorts and hat, Dolce&Gabbana mastered mixing outlandish in their spring/summer 2013 menswear show.


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