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In fashion, trying new trends can be difficult. It is hard to move outside our comfort zone because we often know a look that works for us and we stick with it. One trend that can be particularly challenging is mixing patterns and prints. It looks chic and interesting in the magazines, but as soon as we try it ourselves, it instantly resembles a five-year-old playing dress up. That’s why sometimes it’s best to take it slow when going for something new; to take it one step at a time. Just like this Fashionista demonstrates, that first step should be taken with a pair of floral Dr. Martens.

Perfectly coinciding with her floral boots, are this Fashionista’s amazing leopard print pants. On top she is wearing a leather jacket underneath a faux fur vest. She shows that with accessories, mixing patterns and prints can look easy! It is a fun and exciting way to add variety to your look.

Floral Dr. Martens, just like these, can be worn in all seasons. Wear them now in the winter to brighten up a look with dark tones. Then in the warmer months, pair them with a baby doll dress to exude the best of ’90s style. The floral print is great because it provides a beautiful juxtaposition between the softness in the flowers and the hardness in the structure of the boot. Nonetheless, Dr. Martens come in a variety of styles, patterns and prints that are just waiting to be mixed with your individual wardrobe.

So while it can be hard to try something new, take a leap of courage. Just make sure you have a pair of Dr. Martens on in the process!

Spotted: Betsey Johnson is always sure to excite.Check out her fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection starring boots and bold patterns.


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