Accessories Report

A scarf is the most practical accessory for winter weather—it can keep you warm while also remaining a part of your overall look. In the case of a printed scarf, other accessories like jewelry are hardly necessary and the scarf becomes a statement all its own.

The Fashionista fully complements her scarf by wearing a black knit top, dark-wash jeans and black ballet flats. While these pieces are all refined on their own, their minimalistic texture and colors put the scarf into the spotlight. Black is oftentimes seen as severe, but in actuality it is an elegant color that became a true classic in the ’60s when Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and countless other icons incorporated it into their wardrobes. Dark washed jeans and a black top make a simple and chic winter outfit, looking effortlessly polished.

To recreate this look, the perfect, basic long-sleeved shirt can be found from J.Crew with a nice V-neck. Chic Nova sells a heavier knit for extra protection from the cold. Dark blue jeans are timeless and slimming; whether you are on a budget or looking for an investment, Gap and J.Brand carry my favorite cuts and colors.

Banana Republic’s Barbara Dot scarf comes in several color combinations, but has a navy base color that ensures it will go with many articles of clothing you already own. Tarnish’s scarves have more vibrant patterns, including a paisley, if you want your scarf to make a bolder statement. For large graphics and a nautical theme, try J.Crew’s nautical scarf, which is very light and reminiscent of Ralph Lauren’s classic equestrian-themed prints. There are countless prints available; the perfect one is out there if you’re willing to look.

Spotted: Models in Celine’s Fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection wore brightly colored scarves with otherwise-neutral palate outfits.


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