Accessories Report

This week FIDM’s fall quarter began, so for my first day back I decided to wear my oxblood red cashmere sweater with a skirt, tights and Dr. Martens. I felt like I had all the components but there was something was missing. After looking in the mirror I realized what I needed was a statement necklace!

Any accessory will help complete your look but there are some that can take your whole ensemble up a notch. To some it’s a fabulous pair shoes or designer handbag, but to me it’s a statement necklace. This is one accessory every girl should have. It’s the one piece of jewelry that can make a look. That’s why when I saw one on this week’s Fashionista I knew I had to share.

On this lovely fall day I caught this FIDM Fashionista wearing a statement necklace over a basic black shirt, a beige jacket, slashed black denim shorts and black Chelsea boots. I love the boots. If you haven’t figured out from my past postings, I think any type of boot is a great way to accessorize an outfit.

However, the main attraction is the necklace: it’s quite interesting! Gold plates embellished with black rope and polished stones hang from a gold chain. This is a great statement necklace that plays into the Aztec/tribal trend. With the pattern, stones and various materials there is a lot to look at, but it’s put together in a way that isn’t overwhelming at all. This Fashionista shows us how a great piece of jewelry can elevate your look!

Spotted: Boldly colored and glimmering statement necklaces by Akong flatter this fall.


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