Accessories Report

Finals are right around the corner and we are running in a million directions. One thing I know for sure is that comfort is becoming a priority for the collegiate Fashionista. Long hours in the library and only a few hours of sleep will make you grab the leggings almost every morning. However, I have found a few small things that will take your outfit from finals frantic to finals fab!

This adorable Fashionista shows off our first tip to making finals week comfortable. Sneakers. Yes, a Fashionista can wear sneakers and still be fabulous. As shown on this Fashionista a pair of Keds is sometimes the perfect touch to your outfit. Personally, I prefer sneakers rather than boots during finals because they are more comfortable in the library. Instead of having big, bulky boots you can wear sneakers to travel lighter. This will also help with not overheating because we all know Mugar Library can never get the temperature just right.

I love how this Fashionista chose a pair of printed sneakers to pull her outfit together. Check out the new kate spade and Keds collaboration! Perfect for the finals Fashionista! As you can see this is a simple sweater and jeans ensemble but adding the printed sneakers makes it look like you tried without trying at all! Perfect for finals when our brains are already on overload!

Since I am always on a few hours of sleep and constantly running in a thousand directions I have mastered using the perfect accessories to make it look like your trying without trying at all.

First, the bow. I sear this is a lifesaver. More often than not you will see me throw my hair up in a pony. Make this bow college chic by adding a bow. Not only will you look better but also you feel better when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Secondly, wear layers. You just never know what temperature the library will be. I’m talking tank tops to sweaters and scarves. It is always better to be over prepared than freezing because that will only be a distraction. Thirdly, leave the watch at home. Nothing is more annoying than your favorite Michael Kors watch clanking your keyboard as you write your 25 page paper. You also don’t want to remind yourself of how long you have actually been in the library!

Finals are stressful for everyone but lets not compromised our sense of style! Just always remember, “Dress well do well.”

Spotted: Fashionistas are always hesitant to rock the sneakers. However, Betsy Johnson gave us the stamp of approval on the runway this fall!


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