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Still love your trusty beanie? Come fall 2014, there may be a new must have hat. Actually, you have probably spotted it on numerous fashion bloggers and street style looks this season. Have you guessed it yet? It is the fedora hat, with a few modern touches of course. Numerous tall structured hats inspired from the fedora were seen everywhere on the runway. From Kenneth Cole’s fall 2014 collection to Tibi’s ready-to-wear fall 2014 collection, you can bet on this new trend sticking around for the rest of 2014.

This Fashionista has been loving the fedora trend. Let me lead you to the excitement of the hat by first talking about the shoes and working my way up the outfit. This Fashionista shielded her feet with a stylish pair of gray western inspired ankle boots. Next, she added a light and flowy element to the look by choosing a beautiful black and nude color transparent maxi skirt with lace details. A plain white tank is then worn under an amazing black leather jacket. This woman has got it down when it comes to layering necklaces. She is wearing a gold choker necklace, followed by a simple thin gold chain and a dainty silver necklace with a crystal pendant. I say she’s got it down because it is an art. You need to make sure the necklaces look fabulous together while taking into consideration the lengths of each so they can be rightfully showcased. Moving on, this Fashionista is rocking some great exaggerated cat eye shades paired with a boho style fedora.

Every aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit is noteworthy, but the fedora has really grabbed my attention lately. It completes almost any outfit, makes the outfit look a bit trendier and is super practical at either keeping your fringe out of your face or blocking the rays.

I recommend investing in this newly trending fedora hat. Whether it be the boho style like this Fashionista or a more structured futuristic style like the ones featured in the collections I mentioned, you will look stylin’ and, most importantly, feel fabulous.

Spotted: Kenneth Cole’s fall 2014 collection and Tibi’s ready-to-wear fall 2014 collection showcase great fedora inspiration.


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