ACCESSORIES REPORT: Fashion Target Combat Boots

Accessories Report

Imagine living in a world where you could not express yourself. A world where even in your free time, you had to wear the exact same thing as everyone else. The thought drives me more mad than anything. So I cannot help but appreciate an outfit that has been put together to show the world what the wearer is all about, expressing attitude, but only slightly, since some parts of the outfit are edgy, while others are soft and flirty. This is how you say how you are feeling that day without actually saying it. This week’s Fashionista has accomplished just that! Not only was I locked in on her whole look when she passed by on campus, but her black combat boots are what stood out. Besides this famous piece of footwear being the definition of cool just by itself, it is the way she wears it that brings me in on target. These combat boots she found at Target, normally zipped and tied up tight, are presented in a relaxed fashion by leaving them partially unzipped and loosely tied. Doing this seems to make her outfit seem fierce and cute at the same time, and that is pretty impressive!

While she wears moto-inspired denim from Macy’s, she shows that she has edge, but not so much that it overbears the sweetness from her black tank top with a chiffon back from Kohl’s. She accessorizes with midi rings and an edgier ring from H&M to add in both qualities mention before. She reveals her sophistication by wearing a gold necklace from Macy’s to match her gold Nixon watch, both simple and gorgeous!

Spotted: Combat boots are climbing into the fashion world as a statement piece these days. Check out Belstaff’s collection for fall 2014 to see some cool looks featuring these boots!


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