Accessories Report

Things that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile or attractive are called accessories.

When you think of an accessory, what comes to your mind? Maybe it’s a scarf, watch, ring, necklace, earrings, headband, hat, purse or boots? An accessory that is used for fashion purposes helps to contribute as a secondary manner to the outfit. Many accessories are split up into things that you can wear (hats, gloves, headbands, jewelry, etc.) or that you can hold/carry (purses, wallets, bags, etc.).

Traditionally those are all of the items I would normally think of as an accessory. But writing the ACCESSORIES REPORT made me think of accessories in all sorts of different ways. An accessory could be adding some sort of print to an outfit to make it stand out, such as animal print or floral print. Another non-traditional accessory I discovered was makeup. Makeup is one of the best accessories we don’t necessarily think of when we think of an accessory to add to an outfit. Adding a pop of lipstick to any outfit can transform your casual day outfit to your more outgoing stylish outfit instead. Accessories don’t always have to be a piece of clothing item, and I hope to show you all of the different kinds of traditional and non-traditional accessories you can add to make your perfect Fashionista/o outfit.

I couldn’t help but notice this Fashionista’s outfit right when I saw her; it was filled with so many great accessories, including a vest, print leggings, boots and lipstick. She picked the perfect combination of different styles to make it her very own. I loved how she had printed leggings, a printed fashion shirt and to make it all go together, she added this beautiful leather faux fur vest to help contrast the outfit. She matched all these different patterns and styles that would traditionally not “match” to most people, but this Fashionista pulled it off and made it her own.

So next time you have some mix match items of clothing that you want to wear, grab a solid color vest to help make the outfit feel more put together. And see what an accessory can do for you!

Spotted:  Say goodbye to all of your understatement jewelry because Akong’s spring 2014 jewelry is all about statement.


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