Accessories Report

Being a Fashionista does not mean that you have to wear a dress daily or wear heels to class. It means that you can understand which accessories to add to spice up a casual look into a fashion-forward outfit. That way you take your favorite flannel and add the perfect jewelry to make your comfortable look seem put together and well thought out.

With a long day of classes it makes sense that this Fashionista would want to be in an outfit that would be most conducive to stiff chairs and exhausting notes. She is sporting a green and blue plaid flannel, using her yellow sweater as the always necessary pop of color. Since Wisconsin weather is just as predictable as a celebrity scandal, she planned ahead and brought sunglasses. Not only were they helpful in avoiding the beating sun, but it also was a great accessory to dress up her casual attire.

Stacking bracelets was another tool that enhanced this Fashionista’s look. When wearing multiple accessories on your wrist it is always a great idea to have one or two pieces that are everyday, go-to items. That way mixing and matching bracelets is less difficult. Wearing a watch with the simple pearl bracelet are terrific signature pieces. She paired these classic additions with her kate spade bow bracelet. Yet, any type of bangle can be interchanged to enhance her look.

Switching out a backpack for a large tote can make a world of difference when getting dressed for school daily.  Popular on Marquette’s campus are Longchamp purses. They are great to hold all your books and have a small pocket for pens and highlighters. Totes give an outfit a more sophisticated, put-together look.

All ensembles, whether they are chic or casual, can be dressed up into a fashionable outfit. It could be going to class or going out at night, either way accessories turn any look from drab to fab.

Spotted: Akris spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection uses similar layering techniques as this Fashionista did with her flannel and sweater. They also incorporated a large tote to accentuate the outfit.


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