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A wide variety of men’s bracelets is about as common in stores as inexpensive food is at county fairs — meaning that they don’t exist, or are in wide abundance. Bracelets that are unisex, such as the natural stone bracelets (tiger’s eye, jade, etc.) that have been popping up on more wrists with each day, are in higher quantity, and are easier to find. These bracelets provide a contrast or complement (depending on the wearer’s style) that flatters practically every outfit by lending an earthy touch.

This Fashionisto’s bracelets immediately labeled him as a fashionable person of interest when I found him on the quad. After stopping him to inquire more about his stacked accessories, he told me how he has always worn some form of wrist accessory. Having bought his stone bracelets from bead shops in downtown Davis a year ago, he explained how he didn’t believe these types of accessories should be exclusive to women. A majority of the bracelets he chose to wear were created from a tiger’s eye stone; which are generally known for providing balance and peace. Being both an avid trend seeker and maker, our Fashionisto knew that these Tibetan-styled bracelets could only add more interest to his already well put together ensemble.

Donning a military-inspired outfit for the day, this Fashionisto paired a solid color button-up with a dark wash denim jacket to create a neutral tone for his slim-fit, camouflage cargo pants. Rolling up both his sleeves and pants, the outfit becomes more casual. The addition of dark brown combat boots, a belt and canvas backpack also provide a lighter mood to his outfit than if these pieces were to be a serious black. What really captivated me, was how his bracelets added a contrast of peace to an outfit associated with war. The irony of all the elements in his outfit made for an eye-catching style that certainly caught my attention.

As aforementioned, men’s jewelry is in lesser quantity than women’s. However, the concept of “men’s” and “women’s” is really just one of the mind. There is nothing that stops “women’s” accessories from being anything that men could wear in the sense of styling (since sizing has the potential of being inaccurate) and vice versa. By sticking with social stigmas of what is gender-appropriate to wear, Fashionistos and Fashionistas worldwide are limiting themselves to just what they consider to be “correct” fashion. Erase society’s labels on accessories, and be amazed as you realize how the entire fashion world opens up to you.

Much like these stone bracelets, many pieces of jewelry can be and are unisex. It’s up to you to break through the norms, grab accessories you thought you would never wear and become the trendsetter that you always knew you had the potential to be.

Spotted: Dsquared²‘s spring 2014 menswear collection held the audience’s attention through their entirely tropical show, featuring models accessorized with layers of beaded bracelets and long necklaces.



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