ACCESSORIES REPORT: Expressionistic Chic

Accessories Report

Fashion is a form of artistry. Colors, patterns, lines and shapes all begin with a moment of inspiration. People tend to forget that clothes aren’t always manufactured out of necessity for the industry. Rather, they were once a thought so profound that a designer had to extrapolate from his or her own mind to create a tangible entity. It’s not a necessity to the masses that clothes are produced with forethought, but the necessity from the designer’s perspective to express something in a different way so that we as a society may receive an emotional connection to clothing.

Looking at this Fashionista’s pants I see a pattern derived from a deeper context than just splatter. Jackson Pollack, a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement, did not just throw paint on a canvas. Rather, there is an inherent energy to his paint distribution and bouts of color that I feel is reminiscent in this Fashionista’s pants. I love that the pattern is flattering in a way you would not expect. It’s kind of a new take on camouflage with a feminine edge. There’s a watercolor sort of feel to it that keeps is soft, but bold.

This is primarily due to the color placement and choices of neutrals on a white base. The pops of coral are a nice touch that allow the pants to transition well into spring. I like that the Fashionista paired a white blouse with the pant to keep the outfit relatively light. This also allowed the play with hard and soft by infusing leather pieces into the ensemble. The black jacket and bag do not over power the pants, rather it enhances the nature of the pattern itself.

This Fashionista’s infused pattern, texture and an artistic appeal creates an unexpectedly sleek ensemble. The pattern is energetic, playful and sophisticated which makes the perfect combination for a fashion artisan.

Spotted: Maria Grachvogel introduced a beautifully artistic take on pattern in her spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection. Light, ethereal fabrics were used that allowed the patterns to appear life-like. The garments looked like pieces of art effortlessly floating down the runway.


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