Accessories Report

In the spring and summer, Marist’s location right along the Hudson River is a gorgeous and ideal living environment.  However, in the winter, the icy river blows freezing wind across the entire campus, thus turning the walk to class into a battle to withstand the brutal wind tunnel. Just as the weather began to warm up, and spring felt right around the corner, upstate New York plummeted to a dreadful one degree outside. Luckily, the cold weather didn’t scare off this Fashionista! Have no fear, even in the worst of weather conditions it’s still possible to accessorize and dress fashionably.

This Fashionista is wearing a faux fur headband, which is both cute and ideal for keeping your ears warm on the walks to and from class.  What’s really awesome about this accessory is that you can also wear it as a collar! Just slide it down around your neck and you have another great cold weather accessory. Her dangling earrings are a gorgeous light pink and complement the light fur in her headband.

One trend that I love and have noticed all over campus is the socks and boots look. Not only do socks keep your feet toasty, but they also add interest to an otherwise average pair of boots. Whether you like crazy patterns or a neutral knit, styling your boots with socks is a great way to add contrast to your outfit. This Fashionista chose light socks to stand out against her dark boots and leggings.

Spotted: Fendi’s pre-fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection featured fur accessories ranging from fur collars and trims to furry knee socks.


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