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State College is cold this time of year, and not that beautiful winter cold weather – it’s that frigid, can’t feel your toes and slowly wishing for death kind of cold. Yet, this Fashionista was not only warm and comfortable, but also adorable. The term ‘drug rug’ gets thrown around pretty often when it comes to Baja jackets and they certainly don’t have the best stigma attached to them. Certainly not the cutest of jackets, they make one look frumpy and almost squarish. Although warm and comfy for those cold journeys to class, baja jackets may not be the most fashion-forward of accessories. However, this Baja inspired jacket completely made me stop in my tracks and rethink how ‘drug rugs’ can be worn.

This Baja-like jacket reminded me of something a hip ’70s Fashionista would wear – simple, yet inspired. Best of all, it can go with anything! A stand out piece like this goes great with black tights and a cute top. The boho-sheek inspired Baja sweater jacket was fitted perfectly. Its color blocking is one of these years’ top trends, although it’s a (very lucky) thrift store find. Fashions always make a comeback, and I’m super excited to see what trends will come back from the inspired boho sheek look.

Although trying to duplicate this piece may be a little on the difficult side, I would recommend this patterned Baja jacket by Urban Outfitters. Trendy yet affordable, it’s the perfect addition to a winter wardrobe. Another safe bet would be this Baja striped piece by Free People. Although different than this Fashionista’s jacket, it has that hint of Baja while still being glamorous. However, thrifting may be one’s best bet if you’re feeling up for it.

Thrifting tip – Never stop searching. It’s amazing what you can find if you truly dig deep into your local thrift stores. Fitting may be an issue, so don’t be afraid to take a piece in by getting to learn your way around a sewing machine.

Spotted: The baja inspired look can be seen in the Proenza Schouler’s resort 2012 collection.

Fashionista – Jaclyn Gerrick


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