Accessories Report

Humidity can be stressful to deal with, and it isn’t something we experience regularly in Los Angeles. When it does come around, some serious wardrobe rearrangement occurs, and that’s when I am lucky enough to find Fashionistas that use the awkward hair day weather to their advantage!

Not much can beat a maxi dress on an overcast day, and it is such an easy way to add class and elegance to an outfit! This Fashionista demonstrates that effortlessly, with the gold accents of her accessories illuminating her ensemble beautifully. The earrings, oversized ring and thick gold bangle she chose to wear work so cohesively because they enhance the bohemian vibe that her floral dress gives off. It also helps that the warm colors in her dress echo the warmth of her dark tan leather purse and sandals.

The design on this Fashionista’s woven drop earrings rendered them understated and delicate, while still allowing them to be a piece of statement jewelry. They too added a floral element to the outfit, and in keeping with this theme, this Fashionista chose another statement piece: an enameled flower ring. The ring was powerful enough that multiple rings weren’t necessary but it wasn’t overwhelming, and it was great to see that there had been a clear thought process in making sure all of her accessories were relevant to one another.

Finally, just as her dress, ring and earrings were related, her shoulder bag matched her brown leather sandals perfectly. Not only was the leather a similar shade, but also the strong gold buckle on her sandals resonated with the gold chain strap of her bag. I have always loved that aspect of a handbag, and I have multiple that sport the gold chain. I find that it’s an easy way to accessorize and add glamour to an outfit if you don’t want to wear a lot of jewelry — not to mention, it’s timeless!

Spotted: Chanel revealed a more modern version of the chain-strap handbag at the spring 2014 ready-to-wear show. Chanel now also feeds colored leather through the chain to give it a little extra flair!


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