ACCESSORIES REPORT: Dr. Martens to the Rescue

Accessories Report

I love when I’m sitting in class and I start to daydream. Daydreaming of all the outfits I could wear with my Dr. Martens to school, work or on a date. Then all of a sudden the girl next to me talks and returns me back to earth.

I look up and down at her outfit and my eyes are caught by her original black Dr. Martens. I love it when other people have the same shoes as me; it’s easy to make friends that way. After I asked this Fashionista if I could take a picture of her, her shoes and her sweet army looking backpack, she got excited and said, “Sweet, I made a new friend today!” Friendship is created through shoes.

Dr. Martens can be matched with any outfit! If you want to wear jeans and a T-shirt, throw on a pair of Docs. If you feel like being more fancy than usual, but still want to keep an edge to your look, wear a dress, black tights and your Docs.

Here at Manhattanville, you have to trek through the snow filled campus just to get to class. This Fashionista keeps warm in a snow that never ends. It’s essential for her to stay warm so she doesn’t get hypothermia while walking to her dorm. To battle the cold, she opts for a thick warm jacket, scarf and adorable red gloves. The journey isn’t easy, but fortunately her Dr. Martens help her walk through the snowed-in paths.

Spotted: Jean Paul Gaultier gives his spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection a rocker feel with Dr. Martens.


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