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Statement necklaces are often hard to pair with an outfit. It can either make or break your outfit. If your necklace is too flashy, it becomes the center of attention of your outfit and yet, if it’s too plain it fails to fulfill its purpose as a statement necklace. You must find the perfect balance within a statement necklace in order for it to complement your outfit, while accentuating the features on the necklace.

So while wandering around USD’s beautiful campus, I found a Fashionista who featured a statement necklace that brought her outfit together rather than making it the center of attention. Her clothing consists of many basics: plain white T-shirt, black leggings and a forest green slouchy cardigan. All of these are kept simple in order to let her statement necklace do what it’s meant to do, make a statement.

Her necklace is chunky, not in the sense that is has a thick band but the charms that are hanging around the band are bigger than usual. It is exotic; it includes large pieces of jade that bring out the color of her cardigan. It is unique; other than being vintage and handed down from her grandmother, the Chinese characters give it a touch that cannot be replicated. The silver used within the necklace accentuates the white color featured in her outfit and allows for it to match perfectly with what she is wearing. All in all, she found the perfect statement necklace and paired it up with the outfit that complements it the most.  All the colors within the necklace and outfit match up, while still having the necklace make an appearance that takes the outfit to another level.

Spotted: Find your own perfect statement necklace, M. Patmos has featured some great choices on their runway!


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