Accessories Report

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Juicy love notes, candy and loved ones may fill your mind with thoughts, but for me, I am thinking about what type of outfit I can put together for this situation. We can be overly festive by strolling down campus with a heart sweatshirt and red pants, in addition to some ‘much needed accessories.’ Personally, I try to steer clear of this vision, and think of something creative that will read ‘Valentine’s Day’ without screaming it.

This Fashionista has got it down to a science. She is wearing some awesome clothing pieces, like the army green parka, but what really gives some subtle Valentine vibes are her adorable accessories. Her dusty pink chunky knit scarf is a great festive addition to her look, but what really won me over was when she pulled her hand out of her pocket to reveal two precious dainty rings. It’s amazing how such a subtle accessory can be so powerful in transforming a look. Although the dainty rings can be caught hidden throughout the day, that is what makes them have such a great effect when they are seen.  Dainty accessories totally have what it takes to romanticize your look, whether it be a necklace, bracelet, a pair of earrings or rings.

So, you’re probably wondering, how am I ever going to create a look that compares to this one? I know how you feel, you see a cool outfit, but you just can’t find similar pieces in your wardrobe, and you end up wanting to go out on a mini shopping spree to make up for it. No worries! Even though you may feel this way, it is not necessary to act on it. You can most likely find a great piece in your closet that can give the same effect without being a carbon copy. Don’t get caught up about finding an accessory or an article of clothing that is exactly the same. Find something that you think conveys a similar effect. This will help tremendously and provide you with an opportunity to be creative with what you have and to stretch your personal style.

Spotted: The spring 2014 Anndra Neen jewelry and spring 2014 Hermès jewelry feature amazingly delicate/dainty rings and bracelets.


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