Accessories Report

Often times, it is hard to come across jewelry that is unique and different.  It is even harder to use a unique accessory and actually pull it off by making it cohesive with your outfit. While this may be a difficult thing to do, I spotted a Fashionista on campus that used an accessory to make her outfit stand out.

She starts off by wearing a very basic outfit.  She wears faded high-waisted jean shorts and a black shirt.  She pairs this with black leather combat boots and black socks. All of her items match since there is a low diversity of color. This allows her to experiment more with the type of accessories she can accompany this outfit with.  In addition, the contrast between the black items and the light color of her shorts create this sort of “color-blocking” appearance within her clothing.  Seeing that her outfit is so simple really lets the accessories she wears pop out and make her outfit come together as a whole. So of course, that leads to what attracted me to her outfit in the first place: her arm cuff.

Now, arm cuffs are definitely and unique piece of jewelry. They are not seen often and therefore, we often underestimate what this accessory can do for our everyday outfits.  However, this Fashionista got it down. The simple design of her arm cuff complements the simplicity of her outfit. More so, because the arm cuff is silver, it matches the light color of her shorts and creates a contrast with her black items. Because of this, it lets the accessory stand out even more and become the main focus of her outfit. Although this accessory seems a bit discreet when looking from afar, once you get close enough you realize the impact that this unique accessory makes on her whole ensemble.

Spotted: If you were ever in doubt about how cool an arm cuff is, check out some extravagant versions used by Jean Paul Gaultier used on his runway!


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