Accessories Report

When I was little, I had an obsession with requiring every piece of my outfit to match perfectly. If I was wearing a blue shirt, I would refuse to wear a pink headband or yellow shoes simply because they were not blue. While I had the motto “matching is key” etched into my mind, over the years I learned that I should live by the motto “coordination is key,” instead. While at times matching each piece of an outfit works, sticking with one color or pattern may sometimes lead to a boring or overly simplistic ensemble. By coordinating and mixing and matching pieces, new life can be infused into any outfit. Through a mixture of different colors and patterned accessories, this week’s Fashionisto knows how to live by the motto “coordination is key.”

I caught this Fashionisto on his way back from class and I immediately thought that he encompassed “coordination is key” in the entirety of his ensemble, especially in his accessories. He paired green rag & bone pants with a blue and yellow plaid Ralph Lauren shirt. These pieces coordinated nicely together, as they included a range of shades and colors. What stuck out most about his coordination of different colors and patterns was his array of accessories, particularly his shoes and arm candy.

The perfect way to accessorize any outfit is with a unique pair of kicks. This Fashionisto took the classy route by wearing a pair of two-toned shoes. Similar to these from Cole Haan, this Fashionisto’s choice of footwear allowed him to incorporate more colors into his outfit. The tan suede body and pink sole of the shoes prove that the coordination of different colors adds a trendy twist to any ensemble.

With his smaller accessories, this Fashionisto kept with the theme of “coordination is key” with the addition of a some interesting pieces of arm candy. On one wrist, he sported a Timex watch. This watch is different from the usual watch, as it has a bright blue fabric strap. While many opt for a fully metallic watch, this watch’s bright color gives some flare to an ordinary accessory. On his other wrist, he opted for some bold beaded bracelets. Not only are these bracelets unconventional in their appearance, but their origin is unconventional. This Fashionisto said that he picked up these accessories in a small, local store in his hometown. He stated that they are his favorite bracelets as they are practically one-of-a-kind.

While accessorizing your style, try not to be like my 10-year-old self, worrying when your look does not match perfectly. The coordination of different colors and patterns through your accessories is what makes your outfit unique!

Spotted: This Fashionisto seems to have gotten his accessory inspiration from the Burberry Prorsum spring 2014 menswear collection, as it contains accessories of all different colors and patterns.


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