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It seems like some days are just made for certain things to be paired together. When it rains, my mind instantly makes it a reading day, or a movie day if I’d recently finished a good book. If it’s beautiful and sunny, I will drop almost anything to make it to the beach for even a few minutes of rays. And then we have sneaker days. Days where your feet want nothing more than to be laced up before you hit pavement. These days can be some of my favorite as they can easily transform any outfit into a easy, laid-back, ready for anything look.

This Fashionista chose to go old school and show of her low profile black canvas Converse as she was taking a day off and shopping at the beach. Sometimes flimsy sandals or wedges just wont suffice for your daily errands and you search for a more comfortable option. Can’t find that perfect pair in your closet? If your looking to shake it up your current sneaker style, I found flashy sneakers by Betsey Johnson and Gap that you need to check out. I am in full support of the fashion sneaker movement and strongly believe there are so many great pairs out there now that deserve to be much more than just athletic gear.

Notice how she opted for a leather bag with the canvas shoes. Mixing it up the fabrics allowed this Fashionista to create more dimension and harder lines. A limp fabric bag would soften the look as there would only be a single texture throughout, which can work in other situations to create a feminine flow.

Topping it off with a tribal crop was the right move, drawing attention to her face and breaking up the rest of the black which can be hard to wear in South Florida summers.

Spotted: Don’t be afraid to be daring in your footwear decisions. The fall 2013 runway collection presented by The Row showcases an out of the ordinary choice for fall, a decorative house slipper. Emphasizing to me that we can’t take shoes too seriously.


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