Accessories Report

Sometimes you want to dress up a bit for class, but that’s obviously hard to do without wearing something that resembles business casual. You realize that you don’t want a whole outfit with blazers and heels. Sometimes, all you really need is an accessory that will you give you that pop of elegance that takes your outfit from casual to classy.  While on USD’s beautiful campus, I instantly spotted the glittering collar on this Fashionista’s outfit. This simple accessory allowed her to dress up for class, while still wearing casual clothing.

Her clothing consisted of cropped black jeans, tan oxfords and a lace white top.  While the colors are basic, the lace top adds a bit of elegance to her outfit as well. What stands out the most from it all is the glittering collar composed of pearl beads. This accessory allows for her otherwise casual outfit take the spotlight.  Because the collar is made with pearl beads, it has a delicate look that complements the daintiness of her lace shirt, and although they are of different materials and textures, the fact that they are the same color lets the combination work.  The collar, in addition, does not create an effect too loud that distracts from the casual look she is trying to portray.  It is a simple accessory that gives the outfit an extra push to be something more than casual, without the hassle of having to wear slacks along with it.

Spotted: This Fashionista followed in the steps of Miu Miu’s runway style.  During their 2012 resort collection, they featured pearl necklaces that resembled collars also paired with lace tops.  Blending the necklace in with the top, they created a style of casual elegance.


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