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I am a huge fan of this Fashionisto’s style. Due to the fact that the weather around this time of year can be so utterly unpredictable, especially in the Southeastern part of Virginia, this Fashionisto takes advantage of this unfortunate situation and perfectly pairs apparel from opposite sides of the spectrum to make for a powerfully chic statement while remaining comfortable and simplistic all at the same time. The greatest aspect about this Fashionisto’s stunning style is the look he struts is not at all hard to achieve. Not only is this look great for those awkward in-between days, where you just don’t know if it’s shorts or jeans weather, it’s also key to being comfortable and experiencing that pleasant feeling of serenity. Didn’t know an outfit could bring you that? Try pairing a chambray collared button-up with light-fitting denim cuffed jeans and feel exactly what I’m talking about.

This Fashionisto made use of fashionable clothing stores such as, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and H&M in order to achieve this look. He is dressed in style from head to toe, starting with his fabulous pinstripe button-up, which came from the chambray line at American Apparel. His jeans are from the original denim series at H&M, which go hand-in-hand with his leather grunge Zig Zags from Urban Outfitters. As for the accessories, his silver FOSSIL earring studs add intellect to his look, which could dress up any outfit, turning it from casual to classy. Lastly, his vintage oversized sunglasses, which were thrifted from a boutique in New Orleans, scream fierce, adding a bit of edge to his overall appearance. I love the accessories on this fashionisto, they truly do make a bold fashion statement.

This Fashionisto has brought the city home to the small town of Fredericksburg, Virginia and made it apparent that we can all find great style and look fabulous without breaking the bank. He purchased his aviators for only $5 and his shoes and denim jeans for under $30. It is pertinent for us college students to savor what little money we have left after all the textbooks, housing, and student loans. That is why it is so important to have examples such as this, to remind us that great style is just a few dollars away.


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