ACCESSORIES REPORT: Chic Chick Gone Thrift

Accessories Report

Lately I have become fascinated with the art of thrifting. People can take previously owned furniture and clothing and create something new out of the old. Thrifting takes patience, a keen eye and luck. All of the three come easily to this week’s Fashionista.

It is always inspiring to see a Fashionista who is fashion forward and is setting trends instead of following trends. Especially one who can find timeless pieces that may appear outdated and incorporate them in their wardrobe in a unique way.

When talking with this week’s Fashionista, I was first lured in by her oversized skull sweater, but was then surprised to learn that most of her wardrobe was thrifted. When she tossed off her sweater to show me more details of her lace turtleneck dress, more accessories were hidden underneath. When done right, stacking and piling on jewelry can give a glamorous look. She layered her necklaces, mixing metals and lengths with a monogram necklace and several cross chains, she even layered on heavy and delicate rings.

When trying to recreate this grungy chic look, first find a turtleneck. Turtlenecks have made a comeback this season. They are often considered outdated, but turtlenecks have once again become a staple piece. Wear your turtleneck underneath an over-sized sweater. If the sweater has a design like a skull or tribal print, then you’ll want to stick with the basics — pair your sweater with plain tights or leggings and then add combat boots. Now to accessorize: layering your jewelry is easier than you think. Find pieces that have different lengths, textures and styles. Start with the longer pieces first, and then move on to the chunkier, statement pieces.

Spotted:  With the chilly weather among us, many designers brought back turtlenecks this season to send down the runway like rag & bone. Turtlenecks are perfect to wear underneath chunky knits, giving a sleek look.


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