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Summer is drawing to a close however, Fashionistas everywhere understand the stylish glory the colder months bring about every year. With more layers and more coverage comes more fashion! Accessories like gloves, scarves, hats, sunglasses (for those bright autumn and winter days) huge bags and boots in suede and leather keep us cozy, warm and stylish so long as the cold weather persists. As we get into the first beginnings of fall, we get into a groove similar to that of early spring: the coats are being worn with no sweaters underneath, necks are going bare and hands don’t need to be clenched into fleece-lined gloves to feel warm. A nice, simple coat and pair of boots almost always do the trick when it comes to weather-appropriate style.

Our Fashionista uses this to her advantage in her fall-ready and fashion-forward ensemble. Her large-scale checked coat in a graphic black and white color scheme brings to mind the mod movement of the ’60s with a grungy, rocker twist. The cross-body messenger bag in black leather brings to mind a London student on the tube after a night of wandering around the city to a punk, urban soundtrack. Messenger bags have been seen on high fashion runways in the past year as well as on the street, and they serve tons of functions for college students in general, including those of us who call ourselves Fashionistas. The black bag combined with black biker boots and leggings make for a classic color combination in the colder months of the year – and this wash of black truly lets us know that summer is on its last leg!

A great way to bring elements of this look into your everyday attire for the coming autumn months is to play with classic patterns. Checks and plaids on flannel and heavy wool really infuse the spirit of the season into any ensemble, and a classic checked pattern never goes out of style. Play with the colors you’re comfortable wearing and bring in color trends for that season – this fall in particular, look out for every shade of red, while neutrals and monochromatic grays prevail as classic fallback choices. A deep red and black plaid paired with a deep indigo ankle jean and black suede booties easily give a menswear inspired look an added dose of femininity and style, and a subtler plaid in neutral tones can easily become a dominant part of a work-appropriate ensemble.

For a money-conscious Fashionista, Forever 21 is selling a bargain-priced and punk-inspired jumper in the typical black and red tight plaid so associated with grunge. For a completely different aesthetic, J.Crew’s graphic, houndstooth printed wool sweater gives a taste of the punk without taking it too literally in a sweater that’s just as fashionable in the office as it is in the classroom or on the street.

Spotted: We see a subtler use of plaids in a similar color scheme for both sexes in Billy Reid’s fall 2013 show.


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