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How cute is this Fashionista’s cat bag? I’ve been noticing cat prints around more and more lately, and I love it. From funny YouTube videos to artsy Instagram pictures, it seems like everyone these days loves a good cat theme. When used on clothing, cat prints can add a super cute feel to any type of outfit. They are quirky and bring character to simple-shaped pieces.

This Fashionista is wearing a classic black peacoat from a vintage store in Toronto that allows her bag to stand out. It matches with the black undertones of the print, and the brighter colours pick up well with her hair. The shape of the bag, her white blouse and tights all make her look ready for school, but a cat print can really be rocked at any time of day and for any occasion. This one would be perfect for carrying books, while this ASOS bag is smaller and could be used for shopping or a night out. Here’s a top with a more realistic print for a casual day, and this one is more evening appropriate.

Spotted: Cat print dresses on the runway of Victoria by Victoria Beckham, which can be seen here and here. Also, here’s a Juicy example of a slightly fiercer look.


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