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When Friday comes around, we all just want to put on our comfiest outfit and finish our classes to finally enjoy our well-deserved days off from a long week. Although casual is becoming the new everyday, it is still good to see that some are staying with the status quo and keeping Fridays as their casual jean day; not giving into going to class too casual. Instead of just rolling out of bed and going to class in her pajamas, this Fashionista was able to perfect the casual but cute look. 

Her look has somewhat of a J.Crew meets Free People vibe to it by pairing the simple skinny jean with a lacey loose fitting top. Her accessories of ballet flats and a turquoise stone necklace once again make for the perfect combination, keeping with the two different but perfectly fitting themes. Along with her statement turquoise necklace, she also adds a simple mid-length necklace to her look. This doubling of necklaces is something that is showing up more and more on the runways. It is a great way to accessorize an outfit without having too much going on. To finish her outfit, she adds her shoulder tote instead of your typical backpack.

Friday can be the perfect time to try out your idea of mixing it up. Start off the weekend right with a great outfit for class to get you to the fabulous weekend ahead of you.  This idea of mixing themes is becoming something every designer is starting to take advantage of and every Fashionista wishes to master.  I know I have had my fair share of trying to mix and match patterns (normally ending with my entire massive pile of clothes on my bedroom floor), but when you get the right mix you can’t help but turn heads.  It’s a great way to show off both sides of your closet and even your personality.  You can pull out those brand new brown leather oxfords and slip on that cream lacey dress you’ve just been dying to wear. Throw your hair up in the perfect “pre-chopping” Miley Cyrus messy bun and you’ll have an incredible casual Friday outfit.

Spotted: J.Crew‘s spring 2014 ready-to-wear line sporting the mix and match theme in their newest collection, using the graphic T-shirt as a perfect way to dress down the lace knee length skirt and amazing multicolored pumps. 


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