Accessories Report

As sad as it is for me to say, the warm weather has vanished and the wintery weather is creeping in. It’s the time of year to bring out the winter clothing that we stored away about seven months ago. During this icy season, it is challenging to stay fashionable with the bundles of layers one must wear in order to keep cozy. Nevertheless, this Fashionisto does not let the cold air get in his way.

He is dressed in a stylish, navy peacoat from Banana Republic made of wool fabric that keeps him warm while walking around campus. A peacoat is an excellent accessory to have because it is a classic and versatile jacket. Back in the 20th Century, peacoats were only worn by sailors, but I’m glad to say that society has changed that tradition. Today, peacoats are worn by all manners of individuals and can be sported over a variety of outfit choices.  Fashionistas/os can wear it over a dressy outfit for work as well as a more casual outfit one would wear to class. A peacoat can be dressed up with tights and heels or dressed down with your favorite pair of jeans and riding boots.

Something that allows peacoats to make a statement is the buttons positioned in the middle. Now, obviously they are a necessary asset to keep the coat shut, but they also add more detail rather than the typical zipper. Peacoats traditionally come in black, gray and navy, which gives Fashionistas/os the option to wear other accessories with it. This Fashionisto decided to take advantage of that and added a gray scarf allowing his peacoat to stand out on campus. Unquestionably, if there is one accessory to get this winter, it’s a peacoat!

Spotted: Similar peacoats can be found in Tommy Hilfiger’s and Express’ fall 2012 collection.


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