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Who says you can’t wear bright colors during the cold season? Just because the cold season is not as sunny doesn’t mean wearing bright colors isn’t in. It might be even better to wear bright colors on a cold day to stand out.

Wearing all kinds of colors can tell a lot about a person. This Fashionista that I spotted as I was walking out the library was wearing a bright teal jacket. This jacket was vibrant just like her smile as I approached her.

Even though it was a cold day, this Fashionista showed her colorful side by pairing the teal jacket with a red beanie. Jackets are important around the cold season especially winter right around the corner. Her jacket did most of the talking of her entire outfit because it had a flannel-striped pattern. As for the beanie, it wasn’t any ordinary plain red color it had white thread embedded into it. From far away you would see the beanie as being a faint red.

This Fashionista was not scared to mix pattern. In addition, to her outfit she matched everything with a pair of Dr. Martens. A Fashionista/o can’t go wrong with a pair of Dr. Martens for the cold season. I would say these boots are great because they definitely keep the feet warm. Don’t be afraid to wear vivid colors during the cold season because it can only keep you stylish!

Spotted: Jackets are prominent during winter season. Chanel fall 2012 had a beautiful jacket in the collection.


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