ACCESSORIES REPORT: Bowling for Bowler Hats

Accessories Report

If picking out hats were a game of bowling, well that would probably be the only game I’d ever get a strike every time. From the beanie to the bowler, the amount of hats out in the world are endless, and they are just waiting to be picked up, tried on and taken home by a Fashionista or Fashionisto that dares to wear it. What I like most about the hat is that it is such an underrated accessory. It usually isn’t the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of an outfit completer, but it should be. It is super functional and the perfect way to hide a pretty horrid bedhead when you wake up late to class while looking like you actually woke up on time. If you want a drink of water in the rain you could use your hat as a cup unless you have on a beanie, which would probably be really difficult to accomplish and about as funny to watch as the joke I just made (What can I say jokes aren’t my strong point). Besides the practicality of the hat, it also is a piece that screams, “I like to be daring!” and is one that never goes out of style.

I spotted this Fashionista instantly because of her hat and knew it was worth getting up from my coffee shop table and running after her. She let her magnificent bowler hat do the talking and take the spotlight by going light on the accessories, which is a great accomplishment. She also wasn’t using a hat to cover up a bedhead like most of us I might add. Her ombré hair looked adorable! While wearing cool headgear, make sure you don’t overdo it on the jewelry or other accessories; you want to look cool, not like you slapped on everything you could find, and this is something this Fashionista definitely understands. She wore a cool graphic T-shirt under a red blazer that was a wonderful pop of color to her outfit. Light wash jeans and awesome combat boots helped complete her ensemble. She would definitely get a perfect 300 if this was bowling just because of her outfit! This winter season I encourage everyone to take a chance and wear a daring hat, or just a hat period! Your fashion sense and your mothers will thank me for keeping you stylish and warmer on those cold snowy days!

Spotted: The resort 2014 collection from rag & bone keeping it classy and featuring oh-so-cute floppy brim hats.


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