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Rain. It gets all of our hair curly and frizzy, yet it gives life to our precious home that we call earth. It ruins our day, but it fuels life around us. It’s natural to love the rain, so why is it so hard to get out of bed and into our classes when water is pouring all over? There’s just something about schools in the Southeastern Conference that love getting their rain boots out on a thirty percent chance of rain. I do it, and I know you do it. I love my rain boots. I feel invincible in them. My desire for walking through puddles and getting to one class to another in the rain is at a peak during the sweet times I have a good pair of rubber to surround my feet.

I found this Fashionista sporting a pair of black lace-up rain boots. They were edgy and too chic to just pass by without complimenting her. It’s a perfect take on the combat boot trend. Worn with basic neutrals of a plain black and white top, the covered herself in a military jacket with gold buttons and a leopard scarf. It’s as if the boots she was wearing was made for her outfit.

There’s a special rain boot for every person. I love to see bright colored ones on campus to contrast a gloomy day. There’s also boots with a wedge when you’re feeling extra fancy. Rain boots aren’t just for rainy days either. They’re made for wearing and can endure even the sunniest of days.

Spotted: Water resistant galore with shoes to stay extra dry and extra punk for the season. Chanel‘s Karl Lagerfeld made an especially beautiful thigh high boot.


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