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Moving from a college mindset to a business mindset can be difficult for college students, but this Fashionista understands the flow. I spotted her after her first big-girl job interview with a local recording studio. Adjusting from university sweats to nylons and heels is a challenge, but is well worth the hassle. Business professional outfits involve toning down larger pieces, and playing up simpler ones. This means leaving handmade string bracelets at home for some sterling silver. Attention to detail is must, but keeping your interviewer interested in you is what’s most important. Getting into the music business requires a balance between being professional and sensible. And this week’s Fashionista achieves a good balance between the two.

This Fashionista pairs a casual boho top with a knit blazer. Her top’s neckline and her long hair leads our eye to a layered Tiffany hear key and simple chain. These are both lightweight pieces that do not attract too much attention and add a nice touch of class. My favorite piece in this silver wonderland is her handmade knot ring. Cuffing blazers allows for extra long sleeves to be taken under control. They also make for interesting jacket liners to show off as an accent. After the interview, this Fashionista is able to keep it casual with Hollywood Lawn shades and a faux leather cross-body bag for a coffee date. A vintage scarf is tied to the bag’s strap, making it the focal point of the outfit. Keeping a scarf on hand is great if a dress strap breaks, or bad hair days. The front of the bag is embellished with various buttons—including an extra large safety pin and local Nashville record label Infinity Cat button.

Transitioning into the business world is something that we’ve all been dreading and looking forward to. This Fashionista jumps in head first as a sophomore. Getting ahead means dressing for where you want to be, not where you are. She’s ready for what’s ahead and won’t let anyone get in her way—so look out!

Spotted: Zuhair Murad pairs a black blazer and black heels.


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