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Maxi skirts are not only great because they are comfortable, but they also have innumerable different styles and looks, as some are a free-flowing hippie skirts and others are simplistic and chic. A maxi can be hard to coordinate the right shirt with because the shirt should be either tight-fitting or cropped in order to successfully complement the skirt. The shirts that I find to be PERFECT for maxi skirts are spandex jersey tops from American Apparel because they combine both a crop top and a tight fitting top. These shirts come in all different colors and all different styles that are reminiscent of the ’80s— some are halter tops with long sleeves and others are scoop neck T-shirts. This Fashionista wears a loose fitting crop top from Brandy Melville called the Trina Top, which shows off a simplistic and down-to-earth style.

In order to make this outfit pop, necklaces of all lengths and sizes are great to add a new dimension of trendiness. Necklaces that are layered are perfect for this as they show off spunk and glamour but don’t become too overwhelming. Anthropologie’s line of necklaces called the Upstate Layered Necklaces are a perfect examples of high-end options that can be dressed for a boho-chic look or for a polished look. Additionally, blending your own personal selection of different necklaces also has a great effect as you can start with a base necklace and build around it with others.

Not only is jewelry important, but cross body bags are also a great accessory to pair with a maxi skirt because they give off a “fuss-free” look and are extremely easy to use as well as comfortable. The style of cross-bodies that has been the most popular is the simple rectangular leather bag. However, recently with their growing popularity, cross-bodies are now being designed with more complexity and spark. Refinery29 has a fabulous illustration of all the new colors and patterns that are now being used.

Overall, maxi skirts are the perfect option for a spring or summer day with a crisp breeze because they will keep you warm even in the wind. In addition, this outfit is a perfect example of a style that can be worn from day to night and for a ton of different events. This is great not only for school but also for dinners and work as well.

Spotted: Check out Armani Prive’s spring 2014 collection to see different ways that tops are used to complement baggy bottoms like maxi skirts or gypsy pants!



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