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Green is supposed to be the color of jealousy, but I beg to differ. Every color simply wishes it was black. You may be green with envy but then why are orange and pink clashing supposed to be the new black? Why do little black dresses get songs written about them? Black is forever the most classic and useful color to have in your closet and that’s why this week’s article is about how to style black sandals with your spring look.

Black sandals are perfect for a California spring. Walking around campus these past weeks, I have noticed a lot of girls wearing black sandals with their spring outfits. This is an impressive statement because during the past few weeks, the weather has been all over the charts. Girls have been wearing a variety of different garments to match the temperature: summer dresses, leggings and jeans. However, I still saw multiple girls wearing black sandals with these types of outfits on any given day. Black sandals have truly become a staple on campus.

Our Fashionista wore her shoes on a mild Thursday, two weeks before finals. She paired her strappy black sandals with cuffed black pants and a white shirt with black embroidery. She topped off the look with a green army style jacket. This was the perfect pairing for casual class time or lunch with friends.

Black sandals can be paired with almost any outfit depending on what kind of sandal it is. If you are wearing a dress, try a delicate sandal or a wedge. If you are wearing a more masculine or casual outfit, opt for a pair with a wider strap. Most colors will work with a black sandal, but be careful with brown. Black and brown are not completely taboo anymore, but they do tend to clash if not paired correctly. As always, wear whatever combination makes you feel happy and confident about your look!

So when you are throwing on shoes this week, join the black sandal college cult and try your own pair! The other students are sure to be black with envy.

Spotted: Black sandals were a hit in the Céline spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection.


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