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Have you ever been cruising down campus, headphones blasting, and nothing else seems to matter? Come on, I know you can relate. Now, what if I told you that a super cute accessory could have the same effect? What if I told you that accessory were Beats headphones?

People may protest that headphones are just another electronic device, but trust me when I say it is a true accessory. I think we can all agree that a phone case is an accessory, so headphones should rightfully stand in the same category. I mean, how can you resist cool headphones when they come in amazingly trendy shades? And how they make you feel when you have them blasting? You just can’t beat it. Additionally, according to, “headphones are the new headband.”

So now that I have thoroughly informed you on why headphones, specifically Beats, are, as a matter of fact, accessories, let’s get to how this Fashionista is rocking them!

This Fashionista displays such an effortless laid back but still scholarly look, and let me tell you, that is a hard thing to achieve on a bitterly cold afternoon. Her white beanie highlights her pink Beats while keeping her warm. The golden brown fuzzy infinity scarf is stylish, warm and even coordinates with her tunic sweater that peaks through her army green parka. Keeping the rest of the look on the neutral side, she sports some basic black leggings, trendy black wedge booties and a black over-sized Tory Burch tote that is sure to fit all necessary class supplies.

The whole outfit seems to showcase one of her amazing accessories, her pink Beats. And rightfully it should. Beats, and any other stylish headphones for that matter, just make you feel invincibly powerful, I can attest. That feeling is just what is needed to get through the freezing weather that has been upon us lately. All you need if you want to beat the weather when going to class is a pair of Beats. You will look amazing and feel amazing.

Spotted: Yoonsun Choi, a student at Parsons is a finalist for a student design competition called Class Acts, which is featured on Choi’s collection is full of modern florals for the spring, but best of all, it features some great headphones. Be sure to check it out!


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