Accessories Report

Who would have ever thought baseball caps would be one of the hottest accessories on campus?! Almost everywhere I go I see a Fashionista rocking a baseball-inspired hat. Whether you are going to class, the library, lunch, shopping or going to study, a baseball hat is the easiest accessory to incorporate into your outfit. And they come in all sorts of colors; you can find the perfect one to match any outfit/occasion.

In my opinion, these hats resemble an effortless touch to a casual day outfit. You could be running late to class, or maybe you are having a bad hair day; these hats are the best accessories to help you conquer those kinds of days. Or maybe you just wanted to throw your hair in a ponytail or braid? Grab your baseball hat to add that simple, casual look to your day outfit. I also love these kinds of hats because they can give you that sporty look even if you aren’t athletic at all! You can rock these hats on campus during all of the seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. (They also come in handy on spring break!)

This Fashionista caught my eye right away. Really though, the green hat made her stand out and I was drawn to her! I loved how she had on a simple, casual look. Boots, sweater, scarf and then a bright hat to make her look have even more color and add to her casual “going to class” look.

Spotted: DKNY’s spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection featured many different baseball cap accessories to top off the outfits. 


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