ACCESSORIES REPORT: Backpack, Backpack

Accessories Report

As the semester continues so does the work. The minute you think you have finished your to-do list you just continue to add more on to the list. As you continue to add more your backpack just seems to get heavier and heavier. Eventually it just becomes one big work out walking to class.

All Fashionistas understand the work out of walking to class, but looking good also. For this Fashionista, tossing her hair into a bun and throwing on her backpack is just like any ordinary day. I love that she isn’t using a regular monochromatic Jansport backpack. As a Fashionista that knows her backpack is a lifesaver walking to class, she wears this awesome studded blue one with gold zippers going across the bag instead of around. An ordinary backpack can be so boring, but dressing it up is always fun. It doesn’t need to be a studded backpack, you can find interesting backpacks online like this one from ASOS.

If a Fashionista does have a regular monochromatic Jansport backpack and wants to make it her own she could do so much to it. You could buy some pins and throw them all over. Also, you could get some paint and splatter your backpack. Fashionistas should never have to worry about having the same backpack because you decorated it yourself. No one will ever choose the same colors, pins, etc.

This Fashionista also matches the gold zippers on her bag with this long necklace with a heart dangling off it. You can get a similar necklace from Forever 21. Her shoes are the icing on the cake. Black leather booties with the tops of it brown is just original and unique.

Spotted: Phillip Lim showing backpacks off in his resort 2014 collection.


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