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It is widely understood that to be the “new black” is to have reached a high level of popularity. In the fashion world especially, alternative colors and new trends are put in retrospect to black. If a shade is a must-have for the season, it is considered the new black. If a design reaches the top of the fashion pyramid, it is thought of as the new black. To reach a high level of popularity is to be compared to this color that, in the opinions of Coco Chanel and other major style icons, will never go out of style.

In this day and age, many people wear contacts; however, I would be lying if I claimed that contacts are the new black. Having succeeded the geek chic trend, eyeglasses have made a comeback. Fashionistas and Fashionistos have traded in the hassle of pesky prescriptions and suffering from mornings with watery eye syndrome for a convenient and classic accessory that this week’s Fashionista donned during Emory’s hectic finals week.

Her Clark Kent styled glasses created an inconspicuous air that followed her on her walk to the library. During finals week of spring semester, many students do not want to attract too much attention, especially when cram sessions are a must and conversation must be on Syrian war tactics and the periodic table not Salvatore Ferragamo and Warby Parker; however, Fashionistas always abide by their personal style standards.

Although she kept a low profile, this Fashionista stayed true to her style sense with these Vivienne Westwood booties and a black on black ensemble that Coco Chanel definitely would have approved of. When sporting a pair of large framed glasses, it is important to keep your look polished. Minimal make up is a must, and a well-thought-out ensemble is vital. Take this Fashionista’s outfit as an example: a turtleneck and minimal accessories paired with a skirt with black lining, all of which complement the black frames of her glasses.

If you are searching for the perfect outfit for finals week, geek chic is a perfect solution. In terms of accessories, it looks like eyeglasses are the new black.

Spotted: Get your textbooks ready, Fashionistas and Fashionistos. The spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection by Dsquared² takes geek chic to a whole new level.


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