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Upon venturing outside my cozy dorm to explore the beautiful, vast unknown on this cool day, I came across a seemingly rare species: the color-coordinated fashionable male.

I approached with caution and carefully requested pictures, making sure not to make any sudden movements lest I scare him away. I then carefully archived the photos upon returning to my computer. I had to ensure these images reached posterity, as the fashionable male often wavers on the borderline of becoming an endangered species.

Okay, I jest, I jest. But in all seriousness, men do tend to shoulder the brunt of negative connotations when it comes to fashion — namely not caring about fashion at all. I mean, I have a few guy friends who don’t even know what size they wear because their mothers do all of their clothes shopping. I have other guy friends whose wardrobes look like cartoons’ in that they wear pretty much the same thing every day. As a slightly style-obsessed teenaged girl, I find both of these instances small travesties.

But that’s a discussion for another time. Today I met this charming Fashionisto who was confident, stylish and colorfully dressed, and it was quite refreshing to be proven wrong.

I first noticed this Fashionisto for his stunning orange backpack. In a streamlined shape, versatile size and durable fabric, this Superdry backpack is the perfect practical accessory, while also providing a welcome pop of color amidst monotonous cloudy skies. A crisp blue gingham button-down and artfully washed blue jeans complement the bright orange perfectly, while the blue and white-framed glasses prove an optimal match. A stylish winter white anorak boasting the coolest triple zipper details tops the outfit off nicely. Finally, check out our Fashionisto’s pumped up kicks. Purple laceless Ralph Lauren sneakers with yellow striped heels add additional pops of color to the ensemble, contrasting wonderfully with the shades of blue and orange. Incidentally, this particular combination of colors is a prime example of a square color scheme, which either shows off this Fashionisto’s innate eye for color theory or proves that at least one person paid attention in art class.

While this Fashionisto’s slick white Superdry windcheater jacket is unfortunately sold out, you can still punch up your wardrobe with a multitude of other colors and patterns. Ladies, if you were hoping to snag one of these practical anoraks for yourself, you’re in luck: there’s a women’s version too! Score his awesome backpack for yourself here, and don’t forget to slip on some bright Ralph Lauren sneakers before heading off to class.

No fashionable males were harmed in the making of this post.

Spotted: Chanel spring 2014 ready-to-wear debuted grungy, colorful backpacks, a refreshing change from their iconic elegant handbags.


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