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Recently, I’ve been able to walk to most of my classes since spring has finally decided to come out of hiding! I generally throw whatever I need for the day in a stylish tote bag and don’t look back. But as fabulous as my tote bags may be, heavy loads of books in them can cause my shoulders to hurt. While I’m strolling to class, I’ll switch the arm carrying my bag every once in a while to prevent horrible knots between my shoulder blades. On Michigan State University’s campus, the black North Face backpack seems to be a student’s must-have. It’s not my personal go-to, although they look awfully comfortable. I used to carry around a Dooney & Bourke backpack through most of my middle school career in hopes of not blending in with the sea of “normal” backpacks. Now, my tote bags kind of serves the same purpose.

However, when I saw this week’s Fashionista, I fell in love with her backpack. Not only did it look pain-free, but it looked completely practical for a Fashionista! The leather and shape gave the bag somewhat of a vintage vibe. Ironically, this Fashionista shared with me that her jacket, shoes and rings were all from a local thrift store. Looks like I’m gonna have to stop there before finals! I’ve also seen great backpacks at Urban Outfitters as well. Plus, with finals approaching, back pain should be the last thing to worry about!

Spotted: The Elizabeth and James pre-fall collection knows that backpacks no longer have to ruin your outfit but can actually make an outfit!


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