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The beauty of shopping for antiques is that an opportunity is always present to make it look brand new again. Maybe all it needs is a fresh coat of paint or a few extra details to completely transition it to meet your personal taste. Fashion is constantly evolving, and what goes around comes back around eventually. I tend to find beauty in past trends, and I am always trying to find ways to reinvent them into my wardrobe today. Next time your mom does a little spring cleaning in her closet, snatch a few pieces and integrate them into your wardrobe. After all, antique is oh so chic!

This Fashionista definitely knows how to revamp her look while incorporating vintage-inspired pieces into her ensemble. I was drawn to the uniqueness of her skirt. The leather structural details caught my eye, and as I focused in, I realized that her skirt was created using upholstering fabric. Take a trip down memory lane and you may remember a similar floral pattern amongst the slipcover of your grandmother’s sofa. However, it is almost unrecognizable with the leather and zipper detailing, creating an overall visually appealing piece.

Sticking with the neutral palate of her skirt, this Fashionista opted for a cream colored blouse. The real statement pieces of her ensemble, however, are the varied bracelets and rings stacked upon her hands and wrists, and the satchel hanging from her shoulder. The touch of turquoise of her bag and bracelets bring a juxtaposed pop to her otherwise subdued look. Lastly, a menswear-inspired oxford pump with a vintage vibe brings a little bit of the past back into her eclectic ensemble.

With the addition of a few vibrant accessories, this Fashionista was able to transform an antique-inspired skirt into a boho-chic ensemble!

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