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You know that saying that you can’t wear white after Labor day? Well, I’m here to announce once and for all that it is just simply not true! All growing up I heard time and time again – no white after Labor Day, no white after Labor Day. Whoever made up that rule needs to brush up on their fashion trends because this season is all about the winter white. Let me start off by being super cheesy and gushing about how much I love how pure, crisp and clean the color white is! I’m so excited for white to be popping up everywhere, especially during the dreary dead of winter!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, this week’s featured Fashionista couldn’t help but catch my eye in her stark white winter coat. Obviously not afraid to stand out, this chick paired her winter white with fur trimmed boots, leggings and oxblood over-the-knee socks. Matching her fur trimmed jacket to her boots and mittens proved that this Fashionista’s outfit was not luck, but a very well planned ensemble. Choosing to sport her winter white on a jacket was a bold move, one that definitely requires confidence and I applaud her for that! Work it girl!

In the words of my idol, Lauren Conrad, “There really are no rules when it comes to wearing your white pieces”! I love that the fashion world is finally breaking down this barrier! Limiting yourself to certain colors in specific seasons can be great, but the absence of white (after labor day of course) has been tough! White is one of those go-to neutrals for me that never lets me down, well, unless I’m eating pasta of some sort… then I hope I’m not wearing white. But seriously – although it’s often overlooked, white is a standout color. I think that white can give off a very angelic look and it’s innocence and purity is definitely a plus in my book.

Whether you choose to work your winter white in a bold way like this week’s Fashionista, or prefer to take a more subtle stance, I say go for it! Winter white is all the rage from white pants, skirts and sweaters, to shoes, dresses and jewelry! It doesn’t matter how you rock it, as long as you do. This is a really simple trend that everyone can participate in, no matter what your budget.

Spotted: Winter white was spotted wow-ing on the runway at the Saint Laurent fashion show.



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