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April is upon us, Fashionistas. And while that may bring to mind the mantra we are constantly chanting this month about “April showers bringing May flowers,” a different kind of precipitation is still lingering in this northern state of Michigan. Yes, the occasional snow shower was bound to pop up before we said goodbye for too long, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress for it.

This Fashionista shows how to dress with the air of spring lingering around you, even if the temperatures are still pretty chilly. Wearing a polka-dotted mid-length skirt and striped top, she is a perfect example of how you can mix and match patterns in your outfits. Try to keep the color schemes neutral or similar in color for your own style. Layered under her top is a denim collared shirt which can give her some extra warmth, but without the added bulk of a sweater. Her tights and ankle boots are another way you can keep the cold out of your outfit and bring some spring in! This Fashionista aces her accessories by topping off her look with a fedora. This hat can be stylish, but also convertible between seasons like winter and spring. But what really makes her outfit appropriate for spring weather dreaming is her blue scarf tied into a bow.

Like bird eggs in the spring time, the vibrant baby blue stand outs against the neutral colors in the rest of her outfit and give her a pop of color and extra touch to be noticed in a sea of black leggings on campus. The simple knot is easy to execute yourself, and while it may be easier to tie around a collar, shorter scarves don’t necessarily need one! Other similar neckwear trends for spring include women sporting bow ties, bib like-necklaces, chunky jewelry and other kinds of scarves. Try tying a simple scarf closer to your neckline like this Fashionista to adopt a menswear trend and a lighter (and cooler) take on scarves than the oversize ones you may be used to. BLUEFLY offers a similar option to this Fashionista, but if you want something with more color this kate spade scarf can be worn with almost anything! For something a little more college budget friendly, ASOS offers a bow neck tie to ease you into the style.

If you still think your grandma is the only one who can pull off a silk scarf, think again. The look exudes elegance and class, think circa 1920’s. Even if classic looks aren’t your style, think about incorporating something new into your wardrobe! After all, who doesn’t want to look ready to party with Jay Gatsby?

Spotted: The always chic Mulberry is including a colorful assortment of smaller, silk scarves in their spring 2014 accessories collection that has enough prep and rock attitude for anyone’s taste.


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