ACCESSORIES REPORT: All Hail “The Man Purse”

Accessories Report

“It’s not a man purse……It’s a satchel.” This quote said by actor Zach Galifianakis in one of the funniest movies of 2009, The Hangover. 

Briefcases and duffle bags are dead, and don’t even get me started on fanny packs! All hail the “Man Purse” (aka “Murse,” “Man Satchel” or messenger bag). Who says pockets and wallets are for men and bags are for women? This statement became false when “man bags” became introduced to the fashion world by top designers such as Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Prada. Now, men around the world have been seen with this stylish yet questionable accessory.

Girls and guys tend to freak out when they hear ”Man Purse.” No need to freak out! They are so in style! Fashion is constantly evolving and women aren’t the only people that can wear bags. Leather messenger bags are simply a fashion trend and a great essential. It can do everything a book bag can do. This Fashionisto proves this true. He holds his books, laptop and any other essentials a man needs in his book bag for class.

These bags usually come in a vintage, business-like or sporty look. The leather vintage look, worn by most Europeans and this Fashionisto, is my absolute favorite! You can spot celebrities such as David Beckham, John Mayer, Cristiano Ronaldo and Brad Goreski rocking these bags. What do these fellas all have in common? They’re HOT! Just like the cool and durable accessory hanging on their shoulders. Say it with us: All hail the “Man Purse.”

This Fashionisto’s style and outfit complements his leather messenger bag perfectly. He looks like he just stepped freshly off the plane from Europe with his chic sunglasses saying, “Hello America.”  I loved the way he pieced together this ensemble. The colors are perfectly paired. I hate when outfits are too “matchy-matchy.” Just because your shoes are black doesn’t mean your headband, shirt and scarf have to be black as well. This Fashionisto is breaking some of the top fashion rules that you SHOULD break. Matching your bag to your shoes…break it! Brown leather on black…break it! To all Fashionistos who still believe in the rule that only women can wear purses…break it.

Spotted: You can spot this accessory on the runway of Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2011 menswear collection. 


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