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You may recall when you were younger your mom would tie a sweater around your waist when you weren’t using it. Nowadays, tying a sweater, flannel or a cardigan around your waist is trendy. If you think about it you were always trendy as a child!

This look has been seen with the punk rock style for some time and has emerged into mainstream fashion. This look is also associated with the grunge look, which importantly contains the flannel around the waist. This look has been more popular than any previous season.

This extra flare is an accessory born for fall and winter seasons. The additional wrap around the waist is not only fashionable but can provide warmth. One can use any print around the waist whether it may be a flannel, a plain color or a floral design. This accessory is fun and has a boyish look to it, so if you feel like rocking a boyfriend type look this is a way to go.

This Fashionista is wearing a classic red flannel around her waist. This way is a fantastic way to show design. This simply adds a twist in her whole outfit and it matches with the red lettering on her shirt. This look is very casual and comfortable; the flannel does not restrict you from movement. Though, wraps around your waist don’t have to be causal, you can wear this look out to a social event, a party or a get-together. The only thing you would have to do is swap a couple things here and there like shoes or change your hairstyle.

Spotted: The VFiles 2014 spring collection is an example of a grungy look meets modern fashion.


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